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Norilana Books is a Vermont-based independent publishing company, originally founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2006 by Vera Nazarian, owner and publisher, designer, webmaster, techno-geek, professional writer, award-winning artist, and one-woman marching band. Visit her official website at

Norilana Books specializes in beautifully produced and packaged trade hardcover and trade paperback editions — primarily classics of world literature, and quality originals with a particular focus on young adult fantasy and speculative fiction, under the YA Angst imprint, romantic fantasy under the Leda imprint, inspirational, philosophical, and spiritual fiction under the Spirit imprint, heroic, traditional, "otherworld" and high fantasy under The Sword of Norilana imprint, and also various adult genres and other general trade titles under other imprints to be announced.

At present, Norilana Books only publishes reprint classics of world literature and original new works by Vera Nazarian.

During earlier years, Norilana is particularly proud to have published the works of master fantasist Tanith Lee under the dedicated imprint TaLeKa, plus a variety of other excellent contemporary authors. However, due to the vagaries of the business, the difficult economy, and to our restructuring, such is no longer the case.

Our titles are attractively priced and we offer competitive wholesale discounts through Ingram and Bertram's to resellers, libraries, and dealers in the US and UK. Our current catalog of books in print is available online.

Please note that at the moment we are closed to all submissions. Any submissions will be returned unread or discarded. Once established, the company will begin accepting submissions and paying author advances in addition to a share of royalties, and doing a full promotional push for all original titles that we purchase. We will announce this when the time comes.

We look forward to producing many books in beautiful packages for your reading and aesthetic pleasure.

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